by Helen Tamblyn

Health At Work

Do you ever find it hard to fit in the time to be active? With many of us in 9-5 sit down desk jobs, it can often be tricky to fit in fitness activities. It’s also very easy to reach for the office biscuit tin and get carried away with the cakes on birthdays. Here are our tips for staying healthy in the work place.



Healthy snacks

Instead of the office biscuit team, why not introduce an office fruit bowl? It’s a healthier option the whole team can enjoy while getting one of the five a day. If you are prone to snacking or hitting a mid afternoon bado cams slump, you could also keep a selection of healthier snacks in your desk drawer, such as nuts, dried fruit, rice cakes and raw food bars such as Nakd.



Packed lunch

It may remind you of being back in school, but planning ahead and packing a lunch in advance means you are far less likely to opt for unhealthy options from the staff canteen. Packed lunches have moved on from the days of a ham sandwich, a Granny Smith and a Kit Kat. Opting for choices such as pasta salads with roasted vegetables, healthy wraps and couscous, with a portion of fruit and a handful of nuts means that you are more likely to enjoy your lunch, whilst feeling full throughout the afternoon. During the winter months, making fresh vegetable soups and transporting them in a thermos is also a welcome treat for those cold days, while packing a punch of the all important five a day.



Go for a walk

It’s really important to take a break at work, especially if you are working in front of a computer where being hunched over your desk all day can lead to poor posture and eye strain. Break your concentration by taking a walk, refreshing your mind and stretching out those muscles. You’ll come back re-energised and ready to work again. Make an effort to change position every hour or so as well, whether it’s just standing up to stretch or going to get a file; it can help to prevent muscle tension.



Get up and move

When you’re sat at a desk all day, it’s far too easy to just pick up the phone or email a colleague when you need something. Rather than reach for the phone, get up and go and see them. Instead of using the internal mail system to deliver something to someone in the same building, go and deliver it yourself.



Drink plenty of fluids

Many of us don’t drink enough water, but in an office environment where ventilation can often be poor, it’s really important to drink plenty of fluids. Take trips to the water cooler which also gets you moving away from your desk. Most of us will have a couple of hot drinks during the day and this is fine, but be careful not to get swept up with every round of hot drinks, especially if you are someone who takes a lot of sugar in their tea, or only drinks coffee. Drinking herbal tea is also a good way to keep up fluids, if you feel you need a hot drink. Keeping up fluids helps to keep you refreshed and keeps headaches at bay.



Work life balance

It’s easy to say, but don’t take your work home with you. If you need to work overtime, do it in the office and when you leave for the day, leave work behind. Your home should be your sanctuary, somewhere to rest and relax. Dwelling on office politics, bringing work home and arranging evening calls can lead to stress. It’s important for the mental health to switch off and take time to rest, relax and enjoy something.